XD haha!!! Som ett riktigt par <3
Jag vet inte om det är så många som känner till det men ett litet museintärnskämt CX
Svårt att förklara....





Awww!!! så sött <3

Bra låtval!!!



Nu är Muse med i NME som en kalender/poster :D

Ni hittar den i välsorterade tidningsaffärer, jag köpte min i en tidningsaffär på södermalm (götgatan) och den kostar bara 39 kr

Jag la en sax brevid så att ni skulle kunna se hur stor den var.... men den är som 4 A-4 sidor
Jag har inte läst igenom hela tidningen men jag har inte sett något mer om Muse i den....



Detta år så fick jag massor av musesaker i julklapp :D

Jag fick ett paraply, en t-shirt, en plektrumask med plektrum i, ett armband och en plånbok :D

Paraplyet uppfällt Plektrumena
Plånboken :D

Tack så jätte mycket mamma och pappa <3



Julia tipsade mig om att muse kommer att komma på MTV kl 09:00 den 26 december!!!!!

Det är alltså imorgonbitti (Söndag)

Skoj, skoj!! Det hade jag ingen aning om, så tack så mycket :D


Julen 2009

Haha XD detta är ifrån julen 2009


Julklapp från MUSE

Jag hade väldigt svårt att se klippet ( som jag skrev om i inlägget under) men jag hittade dessa videos som någon med en bättre data än mig la upp ^^

Å vilken fin julklapp de gav!! <3


God jul önskar Muse

Muse har detta på sin hemsida, det är typ deras julklapp till oss :D

Själv har jag inte kunnat titta på den ännu, men titta på den ni!! Det verkar skitcoolt!!!!!






Adventskalendern hittar ni här


21 December


Dagens adventskalenderlucka...

Kan någon säga hur detta hänger ihop med muse XD


( Idag så fick jag jullov!! Lite sorgligt eftersom det är sista gången jag får jullov i grundskolan CX ..... men eftersom det är lov kan jag blogga mer här :D Kanske inte varje dag men då det hänt något spännande, så kika in här ibland ;)

20 December

Muses adventskalender


Bannade från Australien??


They could face legal action after smoking onstage...
10:40, Sunday, 19 December 2010

Muse face legal action in Australia and could be banned from the country for five years after lighting up during a concert in Melbourne.

Bassist Christopher Wolstenholme smoked several cigarettes during the gig at the Ron Laver Arena on 14 December, say reports. He apparently initially tried to hide his actions by only puffing when dry ice fog rolled over the stage, but by the end was smoking freely between songs.

A spokewoman for the venue said Muse were warned before the gig not to light up. “Officials spoke to the band before and after the show and we were extremely disappointed when they decided to flaunt our strict no-smoking policy,” Jo Juler said. “They are known as an anti-establishment style of performance group, but it was still sad that they decided to go ahead regardless.”

Officials were also angry that Matt Bellamy encouraged fans to “mosh out” during the set, a direct violation of the venue’s strict rules. Moshing is banned in the country following the death of a teenage girl during Limp Bizkit’s set at the Big Day Out festival in 2001.

A local gig promoter told The Sun that the band now faced a potential five-year ban: “These guys will never be allowed to perform again in Australia if they try it again. Doesn't matter how hot they are. The law is the law. Promoters won't get insurance for them – simple as that.”

Watch MTV News on the hour every hour including our extended 4pm bulletin everyday on MTV (Sky 350, Virgin 311)


Här hittar ni artikeln

Shit!! Allt detta endast för att Chris rökte och Matt uppmanade till moshpit.... XD


Intervju med Chris


19 December

Dagens lucka i adventskalendern :)


Chris på twitter

Chris Wolstenholme
Detta skrev Chris på twitter den 19/12-10

Not a good day. England losing the cricket and now Im stressing that I wont get back home for Chrimbo. Why does the UK fold when it snows??

Å, stackare!! Hoppas att det löser sig snart!!



För ett tag sedan så hade muse en tävling om att designa musehemsidans bakrund och detta är vinnarna:


Detta hittar ni här



Lite snygga twittpics under veckans gång :)

Hmm.. Not sure I can play the drums in this!

16/12-10 Lovely day at the cricket. Come on England.


17/12-10 watching the ashes with Mike Gatting!


17/12-10 and Dennis Lillee!

Den svarta texten är vad muse skrev om bilden på twitter)



Lite adventsbilder som jag glömt publicera... sorry :(






Adventskalendern kan ni hitta här





Adventskalender av muse messageboard :)

HAHA! Awww, sött!!!!


En viktig dag!


Idag är det en väldigt viktig dag för alla svenska musefans.... Det var faktiskt den 12/12-99 som muse spelade sin första spelning någonsin i Sverige. Alltså 11 år sedan :)

Var någon av er där?? Jag var inte där, troligen eftersom jag var bara 4 år då :P
Själva spelningen ägde rum på Cirkus Stockholm, å jag önskar att jag var där!!!!!

En random muse bild.



En intervju som lades till den 10/12-10

Klicka här


Matt & Dom på radio

En radio intervju från den 8/12-10

Klicka här

De snackar om Doms födelsedag och andra roliga saker :D


Twittpics 6/12-10

Mmmm. Eucalyptus..

This is Nivea!

Just been told she can kill 100 men!

Hello ladies!

Bilderna är ifrån när de var i Australien


( den svarta texten är vad muse skrev om bilden på twitter)

Q&A med Matt Bellamy

Matthew Bellamy

WATCH out _ the frontman of spaced-out UK rockers Muse is setting the rams loose on the ewes, writes Neala Johnson


Q: Is it true this Muse tour is making its way to Australia by boat?

A: Well, the gear is. I'm tempted to come by boat, but I think I might get bored after three weeks at sea.

Q: How would you describe the production?

A: It'll definitely be the biggest production we've ever done in Australia by a long way. In terms of indoor arena concerts, it's probably the most expensive production we've ever done, bringing that whole thing to Australia - now you can understand why the boats are getting involved.

Q: What is the concept?

A: The idea is 1984, George Orwell, utilitarian buildings with the band playing within them. We're playing in these structures which puts us in quite a distant position from the audience, it's like we're trapped away up in this building, but then partway through the gig it comes down and it pretty much just becomes a regular rock show.

Q: Has anyone fallen out of the building yet?

A: No one's fallen yet, but we've had loads of Spinal Tap moments. The worst show was in LA, it all went tits up. The platforms we're playing on have got these curtain-sock things around the outside, which get released and show we're there. This time one of them got caught and pulled all my guitars off the platform and broke all my guitars. That was the first thing that went wrong. The second was that Chris's (Wolstenholme, bassist) one didn't come down - we played the whole of the first song, Uprising, and no one could see Chris.

Q: Does this Australian tour mark the end of your album The Resistance?

A: Pretty much. We're talking about doing a couple of bits next year, but not really touring. We've missed out Moscow, so we might do a gig in Moscow at some point. We might play one festival. U2 - we might do a tour with them in South America.

Q: You played Where the Streets Have No Name with The Edge at Glastonbury this year ...

A: It's one of my favourite songs, it was great to get the chance to sing it. I couldn't really work out the guitar part so it was great to have The Edge there playing it. I love the way he plays guitar, it's really different.

Q: Did The Edge return the compliment about your guitar skills?

A: He said a couple of nice things, but I think he just said it to be nice. He's like me - we're into effects pedals and trying to make the guitar sound like something other than the guitar. So we connected on that area.

Q: Jay-Z raved about Muse's set at Coachella this year. Did he tell you how much he loved it?

A: I met him briefly and the first thing he wanted to know about was Devon, which is where we're from. He's friends with Chris Martin, the singer from Coldplay - not many people know Chris is from Devon as well, he's from the place where I went to college. Jay-Z connected on that - he went, "What's going on down in Devon?

A: Devon must be a really cool place". I felt like saying, "Yeah, come over for a cup of tea and check out the sheep and cows" (laughs). It was quite funny that from his point of view it seems like Devon is a happening place, when it's actually a bit of a rural backwater, really - in a good way!

Q: At the Big Day Out in January you said it was time to buy a tractor and disappear to a farm. Is that still on the agenda?

A: Yeah, I've become a sheep farmer. I'm serious, I've got 50 ewes and two rams. As we speak, I'm letting the rams loose on the ewes. I got the sheep mainly because I've got a farm which has got a lot of steep hills, so the grass gets out of control unless you can get grazing animals in there, and it was too steep for cows. I've got Dorset Downs, they're pretty hardy, they can handle the weather.

Q: So you're seriously a farmer now!A: Yeah, I don't bulls---! They're shearing sheep. But the main thing is they keep the land together. I don't live there, it's just land with a couple of jaded barns that need to be renovated. It's a nice place to camp. My long-term plan is to grow industrial hemp for making paper and material, but I haven't got 'round to that. When I stop touring I'm going to hang around there for a while and start shearing sheep.

Q: If you thought about making new music right now, what direction would Muse go?

A: It's too early to say. I like the idea for the next album for all three of us to be living in the same place. It's been a long time since we all lived in the same place, basically when we were in Devon years ago. The last album I was in Italy and those guys came over to stay there for a bit. I like the idea of us all being able to go around each other's house for a jam, not taking it so seriously, getting back to how it was when it first started. So we're trying to agree on an area to live in.

Q: You'll be married by the time the band gets around to making a new album. Well, that's what the gossip mags say.

A: Oh I've got no idea what you're talking about (laughs). No idea at all.

Q: You're tabloid fodder since you started dating Kate Hudson. Are you feeling intruded-upon?

A: Erm, I don't notice it really. It's less invasive than I thought it would be, d'you know what I mean?

A: You hear those people that whinge about it all, but what I've seen it's not that bad.

Q: Is it also that you're so happy with your relationship, who cares if there's a photographer over there?

A: That's definitely part of it, yeah. When you're in a good place you don't really care about all that other stuff.

Q: When you tour with U2, you must get a good lesson in how a band keeps it together for 30 years, let alone 10.

A: Those guys were partying hardcore (laughs). I was impressed. They've given me hope for my late-40s. I don't remember partying that hard in my mid-20s. We were going through a period where we'd been a bit more laid-back, but those guys, they were raging! I remember thinking, "Whoa, maybe the late-40s are not so bad!" (laughs).

Detta hittar ni här




Muse adventskalender




muse, matt bellamy, jay-z, devon

December 03, 2010 by Jason Gregory | Photo by Carsten Windhorst

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed Jay-Z is a big fan of Devon.

The singer said the pair discussed the county, located in the south west of England, at the Coachella festival earlier this year.

"It was funny that from his point of view it seems like Devon is a happening place, when it's actually a bit of a rural backwater - in a good way,” he said.

Bellamy, whose family moved to Teignmouth when he was a child, has also revealed that he owns a farm in the county.

He told The Sun he didn’t live there at present but had long term plans to “grow industrial hemp for making paper and material”.

He added: "When I stop touring I'm going to hang around there and start shearing sheep."

Muse are currently on hiatus but Bellamy has remained in the headlines due to his high profile romance with actress Kate Hudson.

Texten och bilderna kan du hitta här



Du med iphone!!

Nu kan man köpa skal till 3:an och 4:an med The Resistance på :D

Du hittar dessa här


Muse i granen

Varför inte pynta granen med muse?????

Nu kan man köpa julgranskulor med muse på, på deras hemsida!! :D

Dessa kan du hitta här


Muse adventskalender!!!

Hehe, detta fanns på muse messageboard!













Dom 33 år!!!!! <3

GRATTIS DOM!!!!!!!!! <3
Nu har du blivit en stor pöööjk!!!!

YAY!!! Äntligen bakade jag!!!!!!!

Jag har 2 uppsatser men jag gjorde denna istället :D
Nu får jag bara hoppas att han ser den!!!!!!!!

Som jag sa förut så ville jag göra något speciellt på Doms födelsedag och jag tänkte att denna kaka skulle bli något speciellt men faktiskt så kom mitt allra första paket musesaker hem till mig idag!!!!!!

Det som mamma hade beställt till mig i julklapp och eftersom det är en julklapp så får jag inte öppna den förens på julafton -.-

Men, men PAKETET KOM!!!!!!!!!


DOM <3

.... (och ja, jag har mjöl i ansiktet)

Kom ihåg!

Ville bara påminna om att Dom fyller år den 7/12 ;)

Då ska jag baka i alla fall :D :D




T Kirk



Bästa trummisen ever!!



Designa en egen musebakrund till muses hemsida!!! :D

Formatet måste vara 1680 x 1050 och skicka in den till och skiv CHRISTMAS BACKGROUND COMPETITION som ämne :)

Några av förra årets vinnare :)



Plug in baby

En tävling om olika tolkningar av Plug in baby <3

Haha!! :D



De är nominerade till hela 3 grammys!!!!!

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals: Resistance
Best Rock Song: Resistance
Best Rock Album: The Resistance

Det äger rum den 13 februari i LA :)

Lär mer om själva galan och de nominerade


Chistopher!!!! <3

I torsdags 2/12 fyllde Christopher Wolstenholme 32 år!!!!!


Jag tänkte baka en fin fin chriscake men jag hade prov och jätte ont i tänderna eftersom jag precis fick en tanställning....

Men är inte det coolt?? Jag tog hål i örat ( där uppe) på Matts födelsedag och jag fick tandställningen på Chrises födelsedag!!!! :D Det är ödet!!!

Nu är frågan vad jag ska göra på Doms födelsedag som är den 7 December..... några förslag??


Twitter poster

Nu har det kommit upp en poster på masor av muses twitter bilder:

För att få se en större bild

Den kostar endast £5 och är i formatet 60 x 84 cm


NRJ Frankrike

De har blivit nominerade i Best International Band categorin på franska NRJ :D

Jag har gått in och röstat och gör det du med ;)



Designa en mobil-app

Det har hänt så himmla mycket denna vecka!!!!!

Verkligen jätte mycket men jag börjar lite ifrån början ;)

Man kan nu deigna en mobil-app för muse :)

Gå in här för att läsa mer


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