Bannade från Australien??


They could face legal action after smoking onstage...
10:40, Sunday, 19 December 2010

Muse face legal action in Australia and could be banned from the country for five years after lighting up during a concert in Melbourne.

Bassist Christopher Wolstenholme smoked several cigarettes during the gig at the Ron Laver Arena on 14 December, say reports. He apparently initially tried to hide his actions by only puffing when dry ice fog rolled over the stage, but by the end was smoking freely between songs.

A spokewoman for the venue said Muse were warned before the gig not to light up. “Officials spoke to the band before and after the show and we were extremely disappointed when they decided to flaunt our strict no-smoking policy,” Jo Juler said. “They are known as an anti-establishment style of performance group, but it was still sad that they decided to go ahead regardless.”

Officials were also angry that Matt Bellamy encouraged fans to “mosh out” during the set, a direct violation of the venue’s strict rules. Moshing is banned in the country following the death of a teenage girl during Limp Bizkit’s set at the Big Day Out festival in 2001.

A local gig promoter told The Sun that the band now faced a potential five-year ban: “These guys will never be allowed to perform again in Australia if they try it again. Doesn't matter how hot they are. The law is the law. Promoters won't get insurance for them – simple as that.”

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Här hittar ni artikeln

Shit!! Allt detta endast för att Chris rökte och Matt uppmanade till moshpit.... XD


Postat av: muse lover

vad är moch?

2010-12-21 @ 10:57:23
Postat av: Elin

Det är typ när man springer runt och knuffar varandra XD Svårt att förklara men typ att man puttas fram och tillbaks...

2010-12-21 @ 19:36:40

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